DRAWING: I DISSENT, a Notorious RBG tribute

 As you perhaps know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also called Justice Ginsburg or Notorious RBG died few weeks ago. 

She was an amazing woman who fought for justice till the end. She was an associate justice of the supreme court since 1993. She fought for woman rights and equality, for trans rights, Native americans or people with disabilities. She wanted to stay at the supreme court till Trump defeat. 

I draw her like the tarot cart Justice. So she has the trumpet, the balance and the sword.  She's on a horse. I link horses with being a hero. 
I wanted to do an apotropaic portrait which protect people. 

There are the two pillars of wisdom. One is broken. Around her, there are fighter women with armoury. 

As usual in my art there is a ground with skeletons linked with plants. They are representing cycles of life and death and the idea that never end forever. 

The three women are the Norns who rule the destiny. This is not a regular representation but an interpretation. 

The whole drawing measures 100/70 cm, indian ink and gold painting on paper

For further infos feel free to ask using the contact box. 


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