I'm back

This year is tough for everybody. We are all experiencing very strange days. When France came into quarantine I was already in quarantine for one week and i'm still in due to my health condition. My severe cardiac disease keeps me away from people and it's slowly becoming uncomfortable. In the same time my health had up and down, nothing to do with covid, just the progression of the illness. 

Happily i have a solo show to prepare for February 2021. I'm so exciting by this perspective. The show is a part of an complet event including a group show in an other place. My own exhibition will talk about trance, i'm a practitioner , mass hysterias ( consciously like carnivals or unconsciously like what we name mad dances )  and rituals involving modified states of consciousness. The is the pitch... 

Of course i will show you the progresses here an on my instagram ( @minamondart ) 

But first i wanted to show you the mural i did in Aveyron just right before the quarantine. One week after we were all at home, stupefixed. The mural is in the beautiful place La Ferme Paulétou. 

Here is a video ( in french ) about the whole mural

And some photos of the residency

Somes details

INSTAGRAM: @minamondart / CONTACT: use the contact box 


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