Parfois je sors de mon atelier pour peindre dehors, la première date de juin 2016
Sometimes i go out of my work shop for paint outside, the first one is from June 2016
Hex Mark 10: Alsace / Bas Rhin
Hex Mark 9: Alsace / Bas-rhin
Hex Mark 8: Champagne-Ardennes 

Hex Mark 7: Bretagne / Cotes D'Armor
Hex Mark 6: Bretagne / Côte d'Armor

hex mark 5: Bretagne / côte d'Armor
Hex Mark 4: Bretagne / côte d'armor
Hex Mark 3, Alsace / Bas-rhhin
Hex Mark 2, Alsace / Bas-Rhin
Hex Mark 1: Alsace, Bas-Rhin


  1. Your work is astounding - so much energy and magic! Ayibobo! (A Vodou cheer...) As a mambo in Haitian Vodou, I speak to the spirits regularly, and I too do artwork to help me process my own illness (cancer). Please keep painting - they are gorgeous statements about the world you perceive. Powerful images that help others come to terms with their own situation. Blessings my dear!


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